Black Dog

black dog led zeppelin tribute band

Black Dog is a Led Zeppelin tribute band based in NJ and was established in May of 2000.
The goal of Black Dog is to emulate the sound and energy of a live Led Zeppelin show. We don’t attempt to look like them and we don’t use any props or gimmicks – it’s all about the music for us.

There are a lot of Zeppelin tributes out there, and some of them are really good. Each one has a different area where they stand out. Some go for the visual thing by dressing in the classic outfits and having some physical resemblance to the original members. Others focus on the studio versions using multiple guitarists and musicians to replicate the overdubs of the recordings.

In Black Dog, we stay true to the original music and present it to our audience with the raw energy of a live Zep show. There’s a lot of interaction between the band and audience – our fans are very vocal.

We do extended live versions, rare B sides, as well as the acoustic/mandolin material. We never play the same set list twice, so no one ever sees the same show twice.

The four core members are:
Rob Malave: Vocals, Harmonica
Dan Toto: Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitars
Jeff Mott: Bass, Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar, Keys
Frank Sellick: Drums

Occasionally, the band is assisted by:
Lizzy Mott: Guitar, Keys
Paul Armento: Keys

Some upcoming shows of interest are:
SEASIDE TAVERN: Saturday, July 23
BB Kings: New York City – 8/20 (Robert Plant Birthday Bash)

There are others, and they can be found on our Shows page:

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