Led Zeppelin Knebworth (Full Concert)

Jimmy Page Knebworth 1979 performing at the Music on , 1979. In 1995 was quoted saying “I was racked with nerves. It was our first British gig in four years and we could have gone back to the Queen’s Head pub. We talked about doing something like that. But instead we went back in such a flurry and a fluster to 210,000 people in a field and 180,000 more the next day [sic], surrounded by Keith and Ronnie and Todd Rundgren. Nobody’s big enough to meet those expectations. But because there was some chemical charge in the air, it worked. It didn’t work for us. We played too fast and we played too slow and it was like trying to land a plane with one engine. But it was fantastic for those who were there.” Led Zeppelin never officially released the Knebworth recordings until 2003, when parts of the footage were digitally remastered and included on the Led Zeppelin DVD. Below is an audio recording of the complete August 11th Knebworth show. Enjoy!

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  1. alisa lafargue says:

    i am a jimmy page fan. i love jimmy page. i am a robert plant fan. i love robert plant.

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