Led Zeppelin IV guitar tab book

led zeppelin IV guitar tab bookThis guitar tab book for Led Zeppelin IV contains everything that is needed to play the songs exactly like Jimmy Page did. Each song includes guitar tab, bass tab, and drum patterns. It’s fairly accurate, including the solos. I learned a lot from this book… spent many days and nights working out the riffs and trying to master the solos. Enjoy!

Note: The file size is about 50mb (so it will take a few minutes to download – depending on your download speed).

View and download Led Zeppelin IV tab book here:

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3 Responses to Led Zeppelin IV guitar tab book

  1. alisa lafargue says:

    i am a jimmy page fan. i love jimmy page.

  2. [da_smag] says:

    WOW! Thanks for this book :)

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