Jimmy Page Telecaster

jimmy page telecasterMost people associate Jimmy Page with his sunburst Gibson Les Paul.  Jimmy bought the sunburst 1959 Gibson Les Paul that would become his “Number One” guitar from Joe Walsh in 1969.

What a lot of people don’t know is that Page used a Fender Telecaster (given to him by Jeff Beck) on the first two Led Zeppelin albums.  In fact his Les Paul was customized to emulate the Telecaster.

In a 1977 interview Page said “You see the Les Paul Custom had a central setting, a kind of out-of-phase pickup sound which Jeff couldn’t get on his Les Paul, so I used mine for that… “This confusion goes back to those early sessions again with the Les Paul. Those might not sound like a Les Paul, but that’s what I used. It’s just different amps, mike placings, and all different things. Also, if you just crank it up to the distortion point so you can sustain notes, it’s bound to sound like a Les Paul.”

So if you’re a guitar player looking to copy the Jimmy Page tone, plug in a Fender Telecaster through a cranked up amp (preferably a Supro).

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3 Responses to Jimmy Page Telecaster

  1. Ben says:

    This is BS. Page DID NOT customize his Les Pauls to be like the Telecaster. The first on he customized with Grover tuners to be like his Black Beauty, and Push Pulls. Its neck was shaved down by Joe Walsh long before he even knew of Page’s existence. His second was customized like the first.

    • LZGadmin says:

      Jimmy Page recorded Led Zeppelin I and II with a Telecaster. In order to reproduce the Telecaster sound (post 1969-70) live he customized his Les Paul by adding a five position push pull switch (to split the humbuckers into single coil). Here is more info for the Jimmy Page wiring diagram – http://www.ledzeppelinguitar.com/jimmy-page-wiring-diagram

      • nick says:

        Thats not true, though he did use the tele for alot of studio work, the les paul push pull mods, were done after led zep..there is not a single led zep tune where he uses a push pull on his les paul.

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