Jimmy Page at home

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  1. Jadwiga Petrykiewicz says:

    Hi there. I was surfing through the web to find info on Jimmy Page and came across your website. Since I was 17, I fell in love with him and Led Zeppelin. <3 <3<3 For a long time, Jimmy has been my influence/inspiration personally and career-wise. Not only do I admire and love Jimmy as a guitarist, but as a person. Just by reading excerpts on the web has made me love this man even more. Career-wise, I admire him reaching for the success he has accomplished through 5o years (so far!!!:)). He's a hard worker and so am I. He has gone through many obstacles (personally/professionally) so have I.That's why he's my hero.<3 P.S. I also am a Led Zeppelin collector.

  2. alisa lafargue says:

    I am a Jimmy Page fan. I love Jimmy Page.

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