Jimmy Page talks about Stairway to Heaven

jimmy page 2015Led Zeppelin guitarist and producer Jimmy Page talks about how the iconic song Stairway to Heaven came about. Collaborating with John Paul Jones, Robert Plant, and John Bonham, the band wrote and recorded Stairway to Heaven at Headley Grange (a farmhouse located in Headley, Hampshire, England, UK). Page discusses how his vision for the composition was to create layers of acoustic and electric guitars. Over the past 45 years Stairway to Heaven has been played over 3 million times on the radio. Guitar World has voted the guitar solo “The greatest guitar solo” ever written.

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Robert Plant 2013 “Black Dog”

Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters jamming the Led Zeppelin classic “Black Dog”.

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BBC interview with Jimmy Page 2012

Jimmy Page talks Led Zeppelin with BBC News. He discusses the bands past, the 2007 one off reunion, and promotes the Led Zeppelin Celebration DVD.

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Jimmy Page on Later with Jools Holland

Jimmy Page sits down with Jools Holland discussing the 2007 Led Zeppelin one off show. He also talks about the new Celebration Day DVD. This interview was from November 13, 2012.

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Robert Plant considers Led Zeppelin Reunion Tour in 2014

Robert Plant is finally ready to talk about a possible Led Zeppelin reunion in 2014. The rock legend appeared on 60 minutes (Australia) and talked about the reason for Led Zeppelin’s inactivity. Plant was quoted saying “Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones are Capricorns. They don’t say a word. They’re quite contained in their own worlds and they leave it to me”. He added, “I’m not the bad guy, You need to see the Capricorns. I’ve got nothing to do in 2014.”

This is obviously huge news for fans who have been waiting for a Led Zeppelin reunion tour since 2007 O2 Arena concert. Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and Jason Bonham were all on board to keep the band going after the hugely successful one-off show. They actually went as far as auditioning singers to fill the spot. Robert Plant, who was touring with Alison Krauss at the time, initially had no interest in revisiting the past. He went on to record and tour with The Band of Joy. Hopefully Robert will finally see the light and give Led Zeppelin fans what they’ve been waiting for all these years.

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